Interference Fringe Analyzer



Interference fringes are quantified by high-precision analysis

By quantifying and visualizing the surface accuracy of polished surfaces and the transmitted wavefront accuracy of optical elements from interference fringe images observed by laser interferometry, these products are more accurate, easier to understand, and beneficial for improving quality control.

The newly developed IFM is compatible with the latest operating systems, improves measurement accuracy by introducing new algorithms, and has analysis functions to meet various needs. The IFM is easy to operate and can be used by anyone.

We can also retrofit your interferometer with an IFM (improvement on the old model).

A new interference fringe analysis system has been developed and renovated based on feedbacks and requests from many users.

-Icon-based operation allows even beginners to easily perform measurement tasks

-Improvement of phase connection accuracy through the introduction of image processing technology

-Various additional analysis functions

→Zernike coefficients: both Fringe Zernike and Standard Zernike coefficients can be analyzed.

→Cartesian coefficients: analysis in Cartesian coordinate system and aberration removal possible

→Analysis with user-defined functions: Zernike, PV, Coma, Power, and other arithmetic functions

→Phase data calculation functions: Various analyses are possible, including averaging processing, 2-spherical method, and 3-plane method.

→Automatic removal of abnormal images (dust, scratches)

-PV value, RMS value, Seidel aberration (spherical/coma/as), 3D (bird’s eye view), 2D (contour map), cross-sectional analysis, as well as IRR (Irregularity) and RSI (Rotationally Symmetric Irregularity) analysis according to ISO 10110-5


IFM interference fringe analysis software, phase shifter (piezo drive system), control driver (phase shifter drive, image data A/D conversion, etc.), PC, PC rack

【Analysis System】

PV value, RMS value, bird’s eye view, contour map, cross section, Seidel aberration
ISO compliant: IRR (Irregularity), RSI (rotationally Symmetric Irregularity)

Zernike coefficients: Fringe Zernike (36 Item), Standard Zernike (45 Item)

User-defined functions, frequesncy analysis, etc.

【Analysis pixels standard】640 × 480pixel (custom: 3M pixels)


【Power supply】AC100V 50/60Hz 2A

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