Lens procurement

NAGATA's way - Lens procurement

Nagata's lens (optical component) procurement business provides support that includes quality assurance. In addition to general optical elements, we also offer products with special shapes and materials. Our strength lies in our ability to make proposals that meet the needs of our clients by utilizing our own network, which extends both domestically and internationally.



We offer a wide range of proposals by sharing our knowledge and network through the group.

The NAGATA Group boasts an experienced team of professionals in every field of the optical industry.

We can also solve various problems associated with lens procurement, such as the production of jigs and tools between groups.

Procured Goods

Lenses (including aspheric lenses), prisms, aluminum mirrors, ND filters, beam splitters, instrument glass, etc.


With more than 30 companies in Japan and procurement partners in 5 Asian countries, we provide our services to both domestic and overseas companies.


The high-precision lenses procured by NAGATA are used in a variety of fields, including imaging and aircraft-related applications, in addition to measuring and medical equipment.


Quality Assurance

The shipment of defective products that do not meet specifications can lead to serious problems.

To ensure that defective products are not shipped out, we deliver products that meet drawing requirements through careful quality control and assurance.

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