About Nagata Seisakusho

Nagata Seisakusho manufactures machines and jigs to achieve high-precision polishing under the motto of “Mastery of the sphere”.

Our strength is our ability to provide integrated services from proposal & design to process, assembly, and inspection.

We respond to our customers’ requests with accuracy and close attention to details 

by using our experience and know-how that have been cultivated since the company’s establishment.

Technical prowess

High-precision manufacturing equipment and jigs are essential for optical polishing, which demands extremely fine surface finishes with minimal defects. 
Nagata has made it through over 60 years in such a challenging world where 1/1000 is required.
We are especially confident in the accuracy of spherical surface precision (R-precision), and we have a 70% share of the domestic market for optical discs for polishing the lens curved surfaces.
Using state-of-the-art NC lathes, NC multi-tasking machines, and MCs, as well as our self-developed R processing machines, we can process a wide range of materials, including iron castings, iron, SUS, aluminum, brass, and resin, to meet various customer needs.
In addition to polishing jigs, various high-precision jigs can also be manufactured.

・Capable of processing R0.4 to 1/1000R increments with inhouse-developed special R-lathe.
・Many skilled engineers (National Trade Skills Test holders) are on staff.

Propose optimum solutions

Nagata Seisakousho’s strengths include the design and manufacture of both machines and jigs, and our in-depth knowledge and experience in both areas.

More than 70% of the machines Nagata Seisakousho receives orders for are customized.

Nagata Seisakusho proposes products that are easier to use, while accommodating customer’s requests and needs.              

In addition to new designs, drawings can be prepared for old jigs that are still in service (even if they break in the future, they can be remanufactured as long as the drawings are available).Overhaul of used machinery and equipment (can also be modernized with modifications) is also possible.

Quality Assurance

Nagata Seisakusyo’s high-precision spherical surface processing jigs undergo comparative measurement using more than 10,000 types of glass masters. Comparative measurement using glass masters enables faster and more accurate measurement of spherical surface.
Other Jigs are thoroughly quality-assured using ultra-high-precision CMMs (UA3P) and other shape measuring machines, various measuring instruments, and thousands of types of screw gauges and pin gauges.
Nagata Seisakusho’s highly sophisticated inspection equipment and careful inspections make it possible to provide high-precision jigs that are trusted by many customers.

Main Equipment

Equipment Type / Model Number Maker Note No. of unit
Complex processing machine OKUMA Chuck size:8 inches Max. processing diameter:φ420 2
Complex Lathe Mazak Chuck size:8 inches Max. processing diameter:φ320 2
NC Lathe OKUMA Chuck size:8 inches Max. processing diameter:φ420 11
NC Lathe Mazak Chuck size:8 inches Max. processing diameter: φ350 11
NC Lathe (Large) OKUMA Chuck size:21 inches Max. processing diameter: φ600 1
Automatic Lathe STAR MICRONICS 1
5-axis Machining center OKUMA Table size: 1300x560 Working distance:1050x560x460 2
Machining center OKUMA Table size:1300x560 Working distance:1050x560x460 2
Tapping center Bother 2
NC milling OKUMA 1
Spherical dedicated processing machine 8
General purpose Lathe 7
General purpose milling 2
Transverse milling 2
Surface grinding machine 1
Inspection and measurement equipment
Ultra High Precision 3D Measuring Machines UA3P-4 Panasonic 1
3D Measuring Machine Crysta-Apex C574 Mitutoyo 1
3D Measuring Machine AF-121 Mitutoyo 1
Shape Measuring Machine SURFCOM NEX 031 DX-22 Tokyo Seimitsu 1
Digital microscope VHX-6000 KEYENCE 1
Optical microscope STM-6 OLYMPUS 1
Laser Interferometer 2
Glass test plate Over
10,000 types
Pin gauge Nigata Seiki From 0.500mm to 10.00mm: in 5μ increments
From 10.00mm to 15.00mm: in10μ increments
About 2400 types
Laser marker KEYENCE 2