6 in. Laser Interferometer

AK-150ZF Flat System


Ideal for measuring flat surfaces of glass, plastics, metals, etc.

AK-150ZF can measure and evaluate polished surfaces from small to large diameters with a high accuracy of λ/20.

Ideal for measuring and evaluating the surface accuracy of large diameter flat glass, metals, mirrors, wafers, etc.


Light Source He-Ne laser
Wavelength 632.8nm
Type Fizeau type intereferometer
Aperature size φ150㎜
Measuring Stroke To be determined based on the measuring object.
Surface accuracy λ/20
Magnification ×1~×6(Manual zoom)
Dimention 604㎜× 316㎜× 316㎜
Installation volume

(including anti-vibration table)

W 1500㎜xD 800㎜xH 1800㎜
Body Weight Approx. 42kg
Power source  AC110V/240V 50/60Hz 50W

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