Reference Lens

Reference Lens for Interferometer Mount(Zygo, Apre, Fujifilm, Tomei Giken, etc.)

A wide variety of 2" and 4" Fno. are available.

Can be installed on various interferometer manufacturers.
In addition to the general condensing type, a diverging type is also available, enabling measurement over a wide area even when the interferometer stroke is short for concave surface measurement.

【Reference Lens】
・Zygo、Fujifilm、Tomei Giken、Apre
・Spherical Condensing type, Divergent type
・plane reference board
・ radius of curvature:Approx. -4,000 (concave)~Approx. +5,000 (convex)
・ Measuring Diameter:Approx. Φ200mm max.
・Surface accuracy:λ/20
・ mount:Attachable to laser interferometer mounts of various companies
・Special coatings for highly reflective test objects
・ Custom design and manufacturing are also available.

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