Newton Fringe Analyzer

F601FCⅡ Spherical System

FUJIFILM Corporation

Ideal for spherical shape measurement of glass, plastics, metals, etc.

A spherical shape can be determined by using a reference lens of φ60 that matches the object to be measured.

Interferometer developed for Newtonian fringe inspection of mass-produced products.

If the jig on which the subject is placed is fabricated in advance, the Newtonian fringes can be tested simply by first adjusting the jig with a reference standard and then changing the subject.

A wide measurement range is covered by a rich lineup of 8 types of reference lenses.

Two types of spherical stands are available: a standard type (120 mm) and a long axis type (360 mm), which can be selected according to the stroke required for the measurement of the specimen.

Flat surface measurement is also possible by attaching a reference plate for flat surface measurement.

Light Source: He-Ne laser (Class 1 Laser Product)

Wavelength: 632.8nm

Type: Fizeau type intereferometer

Aperature size: φ60㎜

Measurement Sensitivity: λ/2(Approx. 0.3μm/fringe)

Accuracy: λ/20

Magnification: ×1

Body Dimention: Approx. 400㎜×500㎜×1040㎜

Body Weight: Approx. 50kg

Power source: AC100V 50/60Hz 1A

China Standard Voltage: 220V

Safety Standard: IEC61010-1 IEC60825-1

EMC/EMI:IEC61000-3-2 IEC61000-3-3