Laser Interferometer

F601 Flat System

FUJIFILM Corporation

Ideal for measuring flat surfaces of glass, plastics, metals, etc.

A reliable unit with the world’s largest market share

Enables measurement of planar and transmitted wavefronts of φ60 mm high-precision planar plates.

Small area specimens (φ5 mm to φ25 mm) can be measured by using the beam compressor in combination with the beam compressor.

Light Source: He-Ne laser (Class 1 Laser Product)

Wavelength: 632.8nm

Type: Fizeau type intereferometer

Aperature size: φ60㎜

Measurement Sensitivity: λ/2(Approx. 0.3μm/fringe)

Accuracy: λ/20
Magnification: ×1

Body Dimention: Approx. 300㎜×320㎜×590㎜

Body Weight: Approx. 30kg

Power source: AC100V 50/60Hz 1A

China Standard Voltage: 220V

Safety Standard: IEC61010-1 IEC60825-1

EMC/EMI:IEC61000-3-2 IEC61000-3-3