Polishing Machine

Medium Sized 4-shaft Upper Spindle Polishing Machine UP-4P-50


High-precision polishing of deep concave lenses by spherical-center pressure oscillation

This is an upper shaft spherical center oscillating polishing machine with a maximum installed tool diameter of φ100 mm, developed based on a unique design.

The lens polishing surface is always pressured perpendicularly toward the center of R, which is especially effective on concave surfaces.
This makes it possible to obtain a high-precision surface with minimal irregularity.
The upper shaft swing adjustment mechanism is installed at the front of the machine, facilitating adjustment work.

No. of shaft 4
No. of rotation Shaft for plate 200~2,000rpm(inverter control)
Swing shaft 20~80rpm(inverter control)
Kanzashi Trajectory 20~80rpm(inverter control)
Size φ2.5×L16×R0.6mm(carbide)
Pressure Dry air
Input pressure More than 0.4MPa
Cylinder pressure More than 0.03MPa(Changeable due to precision regulator)
Power source AC220V φ3 1kVA
Dimensions Approx. W1,500×H1,540×D750mm
Weight Approx. 700kg
Plate attachment screws M16 P=1.0 male screw ※As designated by the customer.
Electricity capacity Main shaft motor 0.2kW 4P φ3 220V 4 units
Swing shaft motor 60W 4P φ3 220V 4 units
Coolant pump 0.2kW 4P φ3 220V 1 unit
Surrounding temperature 0~50℃

中型上軸球心研磨機 UP-4P-50_cat

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