Aspherical Lens Relative Surface Eccentricity Measuring Machine (RTX)

Measurement of "Relative Surface Eccentricity, Outer Diameter Eccentricity, and Aspheric Lens Eccentricity" of aspheric lenses

We have applied our roundness measurement technology to the measurement of the relative surface eccentricity, axial misalignment, and outer diameter of aspheric lenses, taking into account the requests of engineers.

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Logo, photo and data provided by: Mitutoyo Corporation

①真円度測定機の基本技術を非球面レンズに応用Basic roundness measuring machine technology applied to aspherical lenses
②非球面軸の芯出し・アライメントの自動化が可能Automation of aspheric axis centering and alignment is possible
③精度は1μm以下Accuracy less than 1μm
④測定時間が約5分以内Measurement time is within approx. 5 minutes
⑤治具代のコスト削減Reduction of jig cost

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