Quartz Crystal for Film Thickness Monitoring

Products of various makers are available.

This crystal unit leads the deposition process to success with its advanced design.

Applicable to film thickness gauges of various companies.

If your quartz crystal unit is unstable, please contact us. Custom designs are also available.

Smaller tolerance of oscillation frequency
・The use of quartz crystals with smaller tolerances makes it easier to control deposition conditions and quartz crystal replacement timing.

Stable and long service life
・Precise design and advanced technology ensure stable life.

Customized support from the user’s point of view
・Please contact us if you are having trouble with your current quartz crystal unit.

Environmentally friendly “reuse” and cost reduction are possible
・For the purpose of recycling resources, we accept used quartz crystal units, peel off the electrode film and vapor deposition film, form a new electrode, and “recycle” the quartz crystal unit. The cost performance of the recycled product is better than that of a new product.

Quarz crystal 5MHz Au・Ag・Alloy
Quarz crystal 6MHz Au・Ag・Alloy

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Coming soon