Polishing Pads

LP Pad Series

Improvement of polishing rate, appearance quality, etc.

Popular pad for optical lens polishing.

A wide range of products are also available for polishing precision optical components, plate glass, crystals, and wafers.

Additional processing  (holes, grooves, adhesive tapes) are also available.

・High durability

・Stable polishing flatness and finish

LP series・・・Urethane foam structure with high rigidity and hard elasticity for excellent flatness and polishing rate

SUBA series・・・High performance, stability, and reliability are demonstrated with non-woven fabrics for both rigid and flexible applications.

Pad Type Filler Hardness
(Shore A)
Size 580×1400×Thickness (t)
t=0.5 t=0.8 t=1.0 t=1.25 t=1.5 t=3.0
LP-13 Cerium Oxide 66 22
LP-26 Zirconium Oxide 88 36
LP-46 Zirconium Oxide 74 25
LP-57 88 32
LP-66 Cerium Oxide 78 26
LP-77 Cerium Oxide 78 27
LP-87 96 49
GR-35 Zirconium Oxide 90 37
LP-99 Silica 80 43


In addition, we offer a wide variety of pads to suit a wide range of materials, such as the SUBA and IC series.

Hardness (Asker C): 81
Compressibility: 2.9
Other types:SUBA400、SUBA800、SUBA840 etc.

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