PO Cutting System

Sun-Bright Co., Ltd.

Automation enables uniform cutting of complex shapes and drastically reduces cutting time.

This system is designed to simplify and shorten the cutting time, cut complicated shapes, and cut repeatedly by using saved data.

Cutting program setting for the polishing pad is very easy. By inputting numerical values such as the diameter and curvature of the polishing pad and selecting the desired shape, it is possible to process polishing pads of shapes that were previously difficult to process manually.

The system retrieves data stored when recutting the same shape of polishing pads processed in the past, enabling setup preparation by any operator.

For the main body of the processing machine, you can choose between a laser cutting machine or a cutting plotter, depending on the size.

The materials that can be processed, the size and thickness of the polishing pad, the speed of processing, and the shapes that can be processed will vary depending on the selection of the processing machine itself. We will make a proposal from a test cut.