Precision grinding tools with excellent cost performance

We propose the best bond for your purpose from our abundant bond lineup based on our many years of experience and achievements.

Metal bond is made of copper alloy-based, cobalt-based, iron alloy-based, etc. bonding agents and has high abrasive grain retention and excellent cutting and wear resistance.

Resin bond is an organic bond consisting mainly of phenol resin, polyimide resin, etc., which has high processing efficiency and produces a good surface finish.

It is widely used not only for optical lenses but also for crystals, ceramics, and semiconductor materials.

When using grain pellets, it is necessary to attach them to the base material, so we will propose this as well.

Product Name 項目 Dimention
Pellet Outer diameter 4、5、6、7、8、10、12、14、16、20
Height 2、3、5
Curvature R6 ~ ∞

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Coming soon