Cleaning Solution

NS Cleaner

Cleaning solution designed for easy wiping of optical lenses

NS cleaner is a cleaning solution dedicated to hand-wiping optical lenses, featuring high volatility and high cleaning performance.
It can be used to remove dust and hand grease from optical lenses and prisms, as well as a wide range of stains such as processing oil stains on precision instruments and metals.
It is a health and environmentally friendly product that does not fall under the Organic Measurement and PRTR Laws.

Main component:Hydrocarbon solvents

Appearance:colorless and transparent

Fire Services Act:Class 4 Petroleum No. 1 Non-water soluble liquid

Ordinance on Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning:not applicable


・Excellent drying performance

It has faster drying properties than typical cleaning solutions, allowing surfaces to dry quickly after wiping and cleaning.


It is an easy-to-use cleaning solution that does not fall under the Organic Solvent Prevention Regulations of the Industrial Safety and Health Law and has a low odor.

・Wide range of applicable stains

It can remove various types of grease, such as hand grease, processing oil, pine tar, pitch, wax, etc.

・Ozone layer protection

Since it does not contain halogen elements that may damage the ozone layer, it has no harmful effects on the ozone layer.


Model Features Packing
NS Cleaner V-1 Ideal for small diameter lenses and prisms 4L can/18L can
V-3 Multipurpose type for cleaning a wide range of stains 18L can
A-1 Ideal for large diameter lenses, metals, etc. 4L can/18L can

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