LED Light



Fan-less inspection light for energy saving, long life, and clean inspection

Bright and easy-to-see illumination with optical glass for visual inspection. (Maximum illuminance: 100,000lx, color rendering index: Ra≥90)

The fanless design keeps a clean environment without dust. Since there is no dust inhalation from the fan, ECO LIGHT is highly resistant to breakdowns.

Please select the model that best suits your inspection environment and target.

ECO LIGHT is Nagata’s original lighting device for visual inspection.
ECO LIGHT was developed for ease of viewing tailored to the visual sensitivity of human eyes.
Various inspection objects such as lenses, glass, metal surfaces, wafers, and filters can be inspected.
Please refer to “Model/Specification” for the illuminance of each model.

LED color is selectable and changeable.
Two types of LED color are available: yellow and white.
The white color LED comes with blue and orange filters for color change.
Color change is also possible with commercially available camera filters (Φ49).

HS120/180 Standard LED:Yellow
HSW120/180 Standard LED:White
HT120/180 Light converging type LED:Yellow
HTW120/180 Light converging type LED:White

*Special specifications such as high-luminance models and flicker-free models are also available.

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