3D Polishing Machine

3D Compact 2-Shaft Semi-Auto Smoothing Machine NS-3D-CA


High-precision automatic processing of a wide range of lenses

NS-3D-CA is a model of the NS-3D-C 3D Compact Polishing Machine with a conveyor. Continuous processing is possible for each input tray.


Polishing with rigidity is possible because it does not depend on adjusting the polishing position with kanzashi.
The front/back travel is digitally controlled and a counter is mounted on the tilting axis to ensure high repeatability of setup changes.
This machining method uses kanzashi and holders, making it easy to set up conditions.
By manually loading the lens tray, the transporter automatically loads the workpiece into the processing section, processes it, and stores it in the tray.

No. of shaft 2(Separate drive)
Driving method 1 shaft 1 drive
Workpiece to be processed plate medium size maxφ60
Upper Shaft Swing start position 前後±30mm input value
Swing width 0~30mm unput value
No. of rotation 30/min.(Max. varies depending on swing width)
Motor Stepping motor 2 units
pressurization method Two-stage pressurization by cylinder(Timer control)
定寸機能 None
定位置停止 Swing width(前後)・原点
Lower Shafy No. of rotation 600~1,800rpm(inverter control)
Two-step speed by timer Input value
Motor 3 phase induction motor 0.4kW 2P 2 units
Tilting function 0~30°(counter conversion)Manual setting
Tool attaching screws M16×1.0 female screw
Water supply function 外掛け2系統/軸
傾斜旋回点 50mm(皿取付端面から)
Dimensions Approx. W1,143×H1,925×D1,078(not including protruding object)
Operation height Approx. 800mm(From the floor to the table)


air pressure for pressurization More than 0.4MPa
For adsorption More than 0.6MPa
Input power AC200V 30A

Automatic supply device

Tray 1 Tray Made by OHARA Corporation Standard lens pack can be used
Back pattern 8 patterns can be set
Driving Belt conveyor type
Supply Method One pack end mode, continuous supply mode
Washing Includes simple washing(shower-style)

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