Mastery of Shepere

Polishing Plate (Spherical Plate)


High-precision polishing plates are manufactured to suit the material and the shape of the workpiece.

Our motto is “Mastery of sphere” = realization of high-precision spherical surface polishing,
We manufacture tool plates that minimize deterioration and change even after repeated use, as well as tool plates that are as precise as rulers.

We can provide everything from extremely small radii to large diameters.

The “plate” required for glass lens processing must have the correct shape, be finished to the correct radius, and be accurate enough to allow easy optical polishing.
By using the correct plate according to the accuracy of the test plate, lenses with the correct accuracy can be made.

The radius (spherical surface accuracy) of the plates manufactured by us is extremely high precision.
The appropriate R is shifted according to the number of sand, and R can be managed by the number of Newton rings, making the plate matching work at the user’s site nearly unnecessary.

R production is performed to match the test plate in various materials. We can support from very small R to large apertures.

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