3D Polishing Machine

3D Compact Lens Polishing Machine NS-3D-C-2


Space-saving, high-precision polishing of a variety of lenses

This is a space-saving 2-axis polishing machine based on a front-rear oscillating diagonal shaft type.

The upper axis is matched to the lower axis with high accuracy, and the same accurate lens surface can be obtained when machining with other axes (using the same conditions and jigs).
Also, since it does not depend on the polishing position adjustment with kanzashi, it is possible to ensure rigid polishing.
The front/rear movement is digitally controlled and a counter is mounted on the tilting axis to ensure high repeatability of setup changes.

This processing method uses kanzashi and holders, making it easy to set up conditions.
It is also possible to switch from cylinder pressurization to pressurization with weights.
In addition, together with the optional rotating kanzashi, the frictional resistance is reduced to support highly accurate lens surfaces.


No. of shaft 2(Separate drive)
Driving Method Each shaft control
Work piece Plate Diameter maxφ60mm
Upper shaft 揺動開始位置 前後±30mm input value evacuation position(Back of operator 60mm)
Swing width 0~30mm input value
No. of rotaion 30/min(Max. number of times varies depending on swing width)
Motor 5 phase stepping motor(1/3.6)
Pressurization method 錘加圧 上昇のみシリンダー使用weight pressurization Cylinder used for raising only
定寸機能 None
定位置停止 揺動端(前後) 原点
Lower shaft No. of rotation 600~2,400rpm(inverter control Two-step speed with timer input value)
Motor 3 phase induction motor 0.4kW 2P 2 units
Tilting function 0~30°(counter conversion)
Tools (plates) attachment screw W27×12山/吋 インローφ30H7×深6mm
Water Supply Function 外掛け2系統/軸
傾斜旋回点 50mm(皿取付端面から)
Air More than 0.4MPa
Dimension Approx. W750(+300)×H1,550×D900mm(not including protruding object)
Operation height Approx. 950mm(From the floor to the table)
Power source AC200V 30A 6kVA 電源コネクタは20A用
Remarks Only included Coolant Pump VKV196M
Processing conditions are set on the touch panel(Lower shaft angle is set manually)
Includes 1 shelf for lens storage


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