3D Smoothing Machine

Medium-size 2-Shaft Smoothing Machine NS-3D-50C


Capable of polishing a variety of lenses with high precision

This is a medium-sized two-shaft smoothing machine with a maximum installed tool diameter of 150 mm.

The lower axis is used to adjust the position of the lens relative to the kanzashi in three directions: up/down, front/back, and angle.
The kanzashi part is more rigid than conventional machines because it is not necessary to adjust the position of the kanzashi part in relation to the lens. This makes it possible to obtain a smooth polished surface.
The upper axis is matched to the lower axis with a high degree of accuracy, and the machine has very few axial and mechanical differences.
Even when processing by moving the work axis, the same lens surface with the same accuracy can be obtained under the same conditions and jigs.
By using the constant dimension device*, it is possible to control the lens thickness of ±0.01mm.
*International patent applied

No. of Shaft 2
Dimension Approx. W1,250×H1,630×D1,000mm
Weight Approx. 550kg
Workpiece to be processed plate medium size maxφ150mm
Work piece(lens) size Approx. φ5~50mm
Swing radius ±R50mm
Upper Shaft swing method Swing back and forth in horizontal way
Swing width 0~30mm
no. of swing 30rpm
Lower Shaft Up and down move distance 0~100mm
Upward and downward move distance 0~±50mm
Tilt angle 0~35°
The 1st rotate 300~1,800rpm
The 2nd rotate 60~300rpm
end screw W28×12山/吋 male screw
Tool attaching screws W1 1/8 10山 ※Changeable by user’s request.
定寸装置 1 uint per shaft
Kanzashi pressurization method Air pressure
The 1st pressure max30.1kgf/0.5MPa時
The 2nd pressure max30.1kgf/0.5MPa時
shape φ16φ2.5×R1.5×L16(carbide chip)
Power source AC200V φ3 5kVA 50/60Hz
Electrical capacity Upper shaft motor 5phase step motor 1/3.6 2 units
Lower shaft motor 1.5kW φ3 200V 4P 2 units
Coolant pump NQJ-100E 0.1kW 1 unit