CG Machine

NCCG Machine NPG-80V


Mass production is also possible with the use of an optional automatic transfer machine.

While general-purpose machines require skill in setup, the NC-controlled automatic compensation function makes spherical surface machining easy.

NC control allows automatic setting of machining conditions by inputting information on the target workpiece and grinding wheel. In addition, automatic compensation functions (convexity correction and Δh correction) allow processing conditions to be corrected simply by inputting the measured values of test-cut workpieces.
Grinding wheel feed function is provided according to the number of times the grinding wheel is processed to compensate for wheel wear.
The use of an optional automatic transporter enables automatic feeding of workpieces and continuous processing of workpieces.
A chamfering axis can be attached as an option.

Lens to be processed Glass material φ20~80mm lens height max. 20mm
Lens curvature ±R10mm~∞
Grindstone shaft Diameter of Grinding stone up to max φ70mm
Horizontal movment amount ±40mm by value input
Vertical movement amount θセンターから-11mm、チャック側へ+20mm input value
(Movement in lens direction)
移動機構 Linear Guide+ball screw+servomotor
角度移動機構 roller drive+Angle indexing by servomotor
旋回角度 作業差側から見て最大 left side 5°/right side 50°
No. of rotation 500~8,000rpm(3段階変速設定可)
Motor 1 unit
No. of spindle 1 pc
Shaft end shape 油圧チャック 砥石取り付け部φ30
(Miki pulley ETP-E-25RH)
Work shaft Chuck shape Diaphragm chuck
Workpiece clamping method 樹脂爪
No. of rotation 20~1,200rpm(3段階変速設定可)
Motor 1unit
切り込み速度 0.001~10mm/min input value(3段階変速設定可)
Spark out 0~999 sec. input value
ワーク前後移動量 θセンターから上方向-15mm、下方向-144mm input value
移動機構 Linear Guide+ball screw+servomotorによる
Correction function convexity correction and

Δh correction

Grinding liquid Supply position 1系統+中心給水
Tank 角型タンク
safety device front door 加工終了後、一定時間経過後解錠(電磁ロックによる施錠)
emergency stop 1 in control box
Control panel Touch panel 10.4 inch.
Control panel Automatic, manual, setting screen, etc. switching display
Fine  adjustment Manual pulse generator adjustment
Data management 20 pcs can be saved
Running function 電源投入初回原点復帰時、全ストローク稼働
Power Power source AC200V
Air pressure source Clean dry air 0.5MPa
Dimensions Approx. W1,050×H1,600×D1,100mm(突起物・搬送機含まず)
Weight Approx. 1,300kg

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