3D Polishing Machine

Medium-sized 3D Type Polishing Machine NMU-2P


Capable of polishing a wide range of lenses with high precision

The rigidity of this device is extremely high due to the lower axis position adjustment mechanism.

A wide range of uneven workpiece shapes can be processed with high precision.

The position of the lens relative to the Kanzashi in three directions (up/down, front/back, and angle) is adjusted on the main axis (lower axis), and a digital counter is synchronized to each adjustment axis to enable precise reproduction of the position of the kanzashi relative to the lens.
Since the kanzashi section does not need to be positioned in relation to the lens, the kanzashi section is more rigid than in conventional machines, enabling a smooth polished surface to be obtained.


No. of shaft 2
No. of rotation Main shaft 500~1,800rpm(inverter  2 steps)
Swing shaft 30~50rpm(inverter control)
Main spindle
moving distance
Upward and downward max 100mm
Backward and forward max 110mm
Tilt angle 0~45°
Kanzashi R0.3 φ16 taper angle 20°(Carbide embedded in the tip)
Work shaft Trajectory Go straight back and forward
Swing width max 60mm
Pressure Air cylinder φ40~75mm
Input pressure 0.5MPa
Power source 200V±10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions Approx. W1,450×H1,450×D1,000mm
Weight Approx. 700kg
Screw for attaching plate W1 1/8 10山 ※Changeable by end user’s request
Electricity capacity Main shaft motor 0.75kW 200V 2 units
Swing shaft motor 0.2kW 200V 2 units
Coolant pump 100W 2P 1 unit
Scale on  each shaft Digital counter Min. scale 1/100mm
Process capacity Lens diameter max φ80
Surrounding temperature 0~50℃

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