Polishing Machine

Large Type 4-shaft Center Swing Oscar Polishing Machine NL-4P


Large size kanzashi upper-axis oscillating type, suitable for multiple lenses and large-diameter lens processing.

4-axis polishing machine.

The lower shaft uses a high-load resistant spindle and the effect of the center-swing system swinging shaft is highly rigid and is a design that effectively suppresses vibration.
This model also has a special specification with vacuum suction as an option.

No. of shaft 4
Driving method 1 shaft  1 drive
Shaft intervals 400mm
Max. tool medium φ250mm
Lower shaft No. of rotation 40~250rpm(inverter control)
Motor 0.2kw 4P 4 units V belt drive
Stop method A stick insertion
Swing shaft Width 0~120mm move trajectory, Center fulcrum left and right circular arc
No. of rotation 8~50rpm(inverter control)
Motor 0.2kW 4P 4 units V belt drive
Kanzashi pressurization method Kanzashi pressurization method weight(1 kg×2 pcs)
Dimensions Approx. W1,750×H1,540×D980mm
Operation height Approx. 830mm
Power source 3 phase 200V 30A

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大型4軸中心振りオスカー研磨機 NL-4P 2012.5