Insoluble Cutting Fluid



High cutting quality, better washability, mist is suppressed in worksite.

Insoluble centering fluid with low viscosity and high lubricity, ideal for centering grinding of glass lenses.

It was developed by combining high-precision base oil and maker’s original mist suppression additives.

Mist is suppressed (low foam and low mist) without being released from machine’s cutting section, separator during operation , thereby reducing adhesion of cutting fluid to lens and machine.

It also contributes to an improved working environment for it is less sticky, and grinding dust is less likely to remain on lenses and machines.


①The highly refined base oil is free of odor.

②Lens burning is less likely to occur and post-processing becomes easier.

③Low viscosity oil improves workability and sharpness.

④Grinding dust is less likely to remain on the machine or jig, contributing to improved machining accuracy.

⑤Long-term stability prevents stickiness and dirt from sticking to the machine.



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