Polyimide Adhesive Tape

Kapton Tape

Simple fixing tape in vacuum evaporation equipment

Heat resistant tape / High temperature tape / Polyimide adhesive tape / Insulation heat resistant tape / Kapton tape / Adhesive tape / Sublimation tape / For masking and protection of electronic boards

・The material is manufactured from high-temperature polymide with heat resistantance.

・Short-term temperature resistance of about 300℃, long-term temperature resistance of about 200℃

・Excellent electrical insulation protection, low electrolytic degradation, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Used for insulation protection and binding of electronic equipment.

Length: 20m

Width 10mm  13mm  15mm  20mm



Elongation (%):50

UL510 Standard(flame resistance): Authorized

Temperature(Heat Resistance Temperature)(℃):200



Color description: dark reddish-brown

Maker’s product name: Kapton(R)Adhesive Tape