Inner Pads

UP Sheet/Rubycell Series/Ciegal

Prevents scratches, burns, and surface changes on the receiving surface

This cushion pad is ideal for back seats of polishing holders, etc.

A wide range of products are available for various applications.

This pad is used to prevent scratches, burns, and surface changes on the receiving surface when a workpiece is placed in the holder and machined.

UP Sheet, Ciegal, and Rubycell are available for a wide variety of materials.

【NAGATA Original・UP Sheet】

UP Sheet is characterized by its gripping and uniformity properties, which are not found in conventional non-woven fabrics used in lens processing, and can be expected to provide excellent shock-absorbing effects.

When used on pelletized or polished surfaces, the raised nap layer of non-woven fabrics may deform or fall off, affecting the central thickness.

UP Sheet maintains elasticity and resilience for a long time and holds the lens firmly to maintain a stable central thickness.

In polishing applications, the UP sheet holds the leading surface to prevent back burns and stains caused by abrasives from running into the surface.

Teflon tape is effective when used in combination with Teflon tape in the holder.