Light Scattering Particle Counter

Handheld Particle Counter Model 8000 Series

Particles Plus

Measures particle size, number of particles, and particle size distribution. Also it simultaneously displays PM conversion value, air pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.

Hand-held light scattering particle counter capable of measuring ultra-high concentrations of 30,000,000 particles/CF.

◆The real-time meter mode graphically plots the number of particles per second directly on the particle counter screen. Also, the beep and bar graph indicator locate the dusting point.
◆1-second measurement, ultra-high concentration measurement of 30,000,000 particles/CF, 45,000 memory data, 10-hour continuous battery drive, and particle size can be freely set in 0.01um units (except for the smallest measurable particle size).
◆IMS(Instruments Management Software)
・Connect to a personal computer and remotely operate the particle counter via a network.
・Download data and draw graphs.
・Remote configuration mode allows for firmware upgrades/field calibration of environmental sensors.

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