Interferometer Fringe Analyzer

Fringe Analysis A1

FUJIFILM Corporation

Interference fringes are quantified by high-precision analysis

This software can analyze the interference fringes obtained from the interferometer and digitalize and visualize the surface shape and transmitted wave front shape.

Detailed analysis of the measurement result is very useful for development, quality control and improvement.

By quantifying whether the manufactured product is within specifications, rather than relying on visual inspection, it is possible to make the same judgment no matter who measures the product.

Also, by setting a threshold value, OK or NG can be determined easily, leading to more efficient determination.

The measurement results provide detailed information about the geometry, which can be used to improve machining conditions and other aspects of the process.

Display Items: P-V, RMS, bird’s eye view, contour map, profiles, Seidel aberration, fifth aberration, Zernike polynomials (till the tenth aberration), etc.

Pixels: 256×256・512×512

A/D Conversion: 10bit

Other features: Data saving, plural masks, code V* output, data substraction

Components: Computer, LCD, Color printer, Computer rack, analysis software kit

Dimensions: Approx, 700mm×700mm×1500mm (Incl. rack)

Weight: Approx. 70kg(Including a rack)

Power requirements: AC100V 50/60Hz 5A

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