Evaporation Materials

High Purity Evaporation Materials for Optical Thin Films

Anti-reflective coatings for optical components, laser filters, mirrors, LCD panels, architectural glass, and more. The materials used for these surface coating processes are vapor deposition materials, and we provide the most suitable vapor deposition materials for each field according to the purpose.

Refractive index Product Main component Pellets Granular Remarks
1.38 MgF2 MgF2
1.43 CaF2 CaF2
1.47 SiO2 SiO2
1.48 SA5 SiO2+Al2O3
1.52 YF3 YF3
1.59 LaF3 LaF3
1.6 CeF3 CeF3
1.64 Al2O3 Al2O3
1.69 ZrO2+Al2O3 ZrO2+Al2O3
1.7-2.0 SiO SiO
1.74 MgO MgO
1.81 Y2O3 Y2O3
1.99 ITO In2O3+SnO2 Transparent conductive film
2 La2Ti2O6 La2Ti2O6
2.05 Ta2O5 Ta2O5 Injection of Oxygen is necessary
2.06 HfO2 HfO2 Absorb infrared light
2.07 ZrO2 ZrO2
2.1 ZT ZrO2+Ta2O5
2.13 CeO2 CeO2 Absorb infrared light
2.14 WO3 WO3
2.18 ZRT ZrO2+TiO2
2.2 Ta2O5 Ta2O5
2.22 ON-500 Ta2O5+ZrO2
2.24 ON-600 Ta2O5+TiO2
2.3 ZnS ZnS
2.31 Ti3O5 Ti3O5 Injection of Oxygen is necessary
2.35 TiO TiO Injection of Oxygen is necessary
2.35 TiO2 TiO2
2.37 Nb2O5 Nb2O5


Refractive index Product Main component Pellet Granular Remarks
1.72 MgF3 MgF3
1.757333333 CaF3 CaF3
1.794666667 SiO3 SiO3
1.832 SA6 SiO2+Al2O4
1.869333333 YF4 YF4
1.906666667 LaF4 LaF4