Center Thickness Gauge

CT-Gauge Non-contacting Lens Center Thickness Auto-measuring Gauge

G-Freude Co.,Ltd.

Seek and measure lens thickness, only an exact point

Non-contact measurement is possible without being affected by the refractive index or radius of curvature of the material.

Non-contact, high-precision measurement is possible.

A wide range of lens thicknesses, shapes, materials, etc. can be measured because of the reflective measurement system is used.

3 models available for different applications


【CT-Gauge DX】

High-precision measurement model clearly displayed on a 3D map

Measurement thickneess:0.3㎜~50㎜

Measurement diameter:φ3~100㎜

【CT-Gauge ZD】

This model has an additional O.D. measurement that prioritizes speed.

Measurement thickness: 1㎜~75㎜

Measurement diameter:5㎜~65㎜

【CT-Gauge LM】

Easy-to-operate large-aperture lens model

Measurement thickness:1㎜~120㎜

Measurement diameter:20㎜~500㎜

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