Grinding Machine

Curve Generator UTS-Ⅲ


Forming spherical shapes by grinding

UTS-Ⅲ performs spherical shape forming operations (CG processing). It has a long-selling track record.

UTS-Ⅲ is a horizontally structured, robust CG machine with excellent accuracy and operability.
Grinding is done without strain using a spring and weight processing pressure method.
The automatic chuck ensures that the workpiece can be securely mounted. This reduces variations in lens thickness and one-wall thickness, enabling high-precision processing.
An easy-to-handle compensator is provided for adjusting spherical surface accuracy.
A red lamp and buzzer notify the end of processing by setting a timer.
The cutting fluid (oil) settling tank is equipped with casters for convenient handling.

Work shaft Diameter of work piece to be processed φ3~108mm(It is suitable for processing for work piece under Φ50)
No. of rotation 10・15・20rpm
Handle stroke 70mm
Auto-Chuck Compact, Medium sized
Grindstone  shaft No. of rotation(50Hz) 10,000・8,000・6,000rpm
Centering moving amount ±30mm
Turning angle 0~45°
Motor For work shaft  rotation 0.2kW 200V 3 phase 4P 1 unit
For grindstone shaft rotation 0.75kW 200V 3 phase 2P 1 unit
For coolant pump 60W 200V 3 phase 2P 1 unit
Dimension Main body Approx. W1,100×H1,350×D900mm
Precipitation tank Approx. W740×H365×D400mm
Weight Main body 400kg
Precipitation tank, Pump 25kg

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