Grinding Machine

Cylindrical Grinder UR1-Ⅲ


Processing of workpiece outer diameter by grinding

UR1-Ⅲ mounts various types of glass, crystalline materials, ceramics, and other materials and grinds them to an outside diameter using a disk-type diamond grinding wheel.

The work spindle speed and table feed speed can be adjusted steplessly.
The table is automatically fed.
Round-trip grinding is also available.
At the end of grinding, a buzzer is activated and everything stops.
The settling tank is equipped with casters for convenient handling.

Processing diameter 3~200mm
Processing length 60~200mm
Grindstone  shaft Grindstone diameter 200mm
No. of rotation 2,800rpm
Motor 0.75kW 3 phase 4P
Work shaft No. of rotation 0~170rpm
Motor 無段階変速モーター 0.06kW 3 phase 4P
Coolant pump 60W 3 phase 2P
Dimensions Main body Approx. W960×H1,370×D760mm
Precipitation tank Approx. W740×H365×D400(capacity 90ℓ)
Weight Main body Approx. 410kg
Precipitation tank Approx. 25kg

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