Polishing Machine

Upper Shaft Spherical Core 2-shaft Smoothing Machine with Automatic Conveyor UPA-2S-50-75D


Automatic processing of deep concave lenses with high precision

「中型上軸球芯加圧研磨機 UP-2P-50」の搬送機付きモデルです。投入トレイごとの連続加工が可能です。

The lens grinding surface is always pressed perpendicularly toward the sphere center to shorten the processing tact time and produce a high-precision radius surface with minimal irregularity, which is particularly effective when grinding concave surfaces.
Processing conditions are NC-controlled to ensure high reproducibility in setup changes.
By manually loading the lens tray, the transporter automatically loads the workpiece into the processing section, processes it, and stores it in the tray.

No. of Shaft 2(2 shaft 1 drive)
Drive method Independent rotation of each shaft
Processing R ±50mm
最大工具径 φ100mm
球芯点 皿軸端面から100mm
Water supply function 軸中心+2系統
Swing Shaft Motor Servo motor 0.75kW with brakes(1/20)
振幅設定 input value(touch panel)
Rotation speed 1~36/min.
Speed adjustment input value(touch panel)
Swing range Right side facing front 0~75°
Swing angle 揺動開始位置より振分 one side max. 22.5°(both sides 45°)
Main Shaft Motor induction motor 0.2kW 2P 2 units
Rotation Speed 600~2,400rpm
Speed adjustment Touch Panel Operation
Lock function シリンダー付ロック機構
工具取付ネジ M16×1.0 female screw
Pressure Pressurization method Kanzashi type cylinder pressurization(2-step pressurization)
Pressurization switch Touch Panel Operation
Dimension Approx. W1,435×H2,070×D1,080mm(not including protruding object)
Weight Approx. 900kg


air pressure for pressurization More than 0.4MPa
For adsorption More than 0.6MPa
Input power source AC200V 30A

Automatic supply device

Tray 1 tray Made by OHARA Corporation Standard lens pack can be used
beck pattern 8 patterns can be stored.
driving force Belt conveyor type
Supply Method 1パック終了モード・連続供給モード
Washing Includes simple washing(shower-style)

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17 UPA-2S-50-75D