Polishing Machine

Compact 5-shaft Smoothing Machine UP-5P-15


Capable of polishing small diameter deep concave lenses with high precision

UP-5P-15 is a 5-shaft smoothing machine specialized for small-diameter lens manufacturing.

The R surface can be polished with high precision and minimal irregularity by applying pressure in the direction of the spherical center of the R surface to the lens grinding eye.
By specializing in small-diameter lens manufacturing, this machine saves space on the processing floor and enables easy layout changes.

No. of Shaft 5(5 shaft 1 tank)
Drive method Each shaft control
Workpiece to be processed Max. tool medium (plate) max φ30mm
Processing R concave 15mm convex 5mm
Upper Shaft Swing start position Right side inclination toward the front of the machine 0~42.5°
Swing angle 揺動開始位置より振分 one side 22.5° both sides 45°
Swing range 0~65°
No. of rotation 10~100rpm
Pressurization method cylinder(2-step pressurization)
Lower Shaft No. of rotation 100~3,000rpm
Tilting function none
Tools(plates) attachment screw M16×P1.0 female screw
Water supply function 軸中心+外1系統
球芯点 50mm(皿取付端面から)
Air More than 0.4MPa
Dimension Approx. W1,085×H1,252×D600(not including protruding object)
Operation height Approx. 750mm
Power source AC200V 30A

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