Polishing Machine

Medium Sized 2-shaft Upper Spindle Spherical Center Polishing Machine UP-2P-50


High-precision polishing of deep concave lenses by spherical-center pressure oscillation

UP-2P-50 is an upper shaft spherical center oscillating polishing machine with a maximum installed tool diameter of φ100 mm, which was developed based on our original design.

UP-2P-50 is especially effective on concave surfaces because the polished surface of the lens is always pressured perpendicularly toward the center of the radius. This enables the processing of high-precision surfaces with minimal irregularity.
The mechanism for adjusting the swing width of the upper shaft oscillation is located at the front of the machine to facilitate adjustment work.


No. of shaft 2
Control method inverter
No. of rotation Shaft for plate 200~2,000rpm
Swing shaft 20~80rpm
Kanzashi Trajectory 0-45° swing on the right side when viewed from the front
Size φ2.5×L16×R0.6mm(carbide chip)
Pressure Dry air
Input pressure More than 0.4MPa
Cylinder pressure More than 0.03MPa(Changeable due to precision regulator)
Power source AC220V φ3 1kVA
Dimensions Approx. W740×H1,540×D750mm
Weight Approx. 400kg
Plate attachment screws M16 P=1.0 male screw
Electricity capacity Main shaft motor 0.2kW 4P φ3 220V 2 units
Swing shaft motor 60W 4P φ3 220V 2 units
Surrounding temperature 0~50℃

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