Sphere Center Setting Jig

TS Series

Haruchika CO., LTD.

Necessities for sphere core polishing machine , precision grinding machine

The lineup includes three types of compatible maximum diameters: Φ80 (±50R), Φ100 (±75R), and Φ260 (160mm stroke).

Other custom orders are also available.

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Model TS-50 TS-75 TS-100
Max. plate diameter Φ80㎜ Φ100㎜ Φ260㎜
R range -50㎜~+50㎜ -75㎜~+75㎜
Stroke 160㎜
Master block 70㎜ 100㎜ 70㎜ / 100㎜
Size w150㎜×H430㎜×D210㎜ w150㎜×H430㎜×D210㎜ w260㎜×H463㎜×D250㎜
Weight 18.5㎏ 18.5㎏ 15.9㎏

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