Polishing Machine

Ultra-small Inclined Shaft Polishing Machine NSSOS-2P


Enables stable polishing of high-precision small-diameter lenses

By equipping the ultra-small polishing machine with a lower axis tilting mechanism, the amount of plate change can be suppressed and stable polishing can be achieved.

NSSOS-2P is a single-swing Oscar structure polishing machine with inverter control for each axis.
A weight is used to apply a load to the kanzashi to polish small-diameter lenses.By tilting the lower axis, the oscillation width of the lens is reduced compared to straight axis machining, thereby minimizing changes in the polishing plate.

No. of shaft 2
Shaft intervals 328mm
Max. tool medium φ120mm
Lower shaft rpm 30~300rpm(Inverter control)
Tilt angle 0~15°
Lower shaft stop method Hanging a spannerスパナ掛けによるロック
Swinging Frequency 3~25times/min(Inverter control)
Kanzashi Trajectory Single-swing Oscar
Size φ10mm L85mm Tip R1mm
Swing width 0~65mm
Amplitude setting振幅設定 Eccentric disk偏芯盤(manual)
Lateral movement左右移動 15mm to the left and right
 Pressurizing method weight 錘
Dimension Approx. W650mm×H1,590mm×D627mm
Weight Approx. 200kg
Plate mounting part皿取付部 Screw part M16×P1.0
Spigot joint part インロー部 φ18H7 Depth 6mm
Motor Lower shaft 0.1kW 4P
Swing shaft 0.1kW 4P
Power source 3 phase AC200V 20A 4kVA
Ambient temperature 0~50℃

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