Polishing Machine

Medium-sized 4-shaft Variable Tilt-axis Semi-automatic Smoothing Machine NS-60TC-4S-Ⅱ


Lower axis tilting machine capable of automatically processing lenses in 4 processes

Automatic conveyor with inverting function enables continuous processing of the front and back sides of each input tray.

Lenses are automatically transported by manually loading the lens tray and processed by the kanzashi.
NC control is employed for the oscillating motion of the kanzashi, enabling advanced processing operations and setting of the kanzashi’ positions.
The processing method of the conventional diagonal-shaft polishing machine is followed, which facilitates smooth setting of the processing conditions.
The tilting axis is equipped with a counter to ensure high repeatability in setup changes.

No. of shaft 4
Shaft inverval 500mm
Processing work φ40~65mm
(Holder dia. maxφ75mm)
Processing work shape concave Polishing angle(θ)within 108°
convex Polishing angle θ≦30°(※ideal value)
Kanzashi diameter φ16mm
Max. tool medium φ130mm
Main Shaft Tilt angle 0~40°
No. of rotation 200~1,500rpm(two step setup)
回転止め ソケット部スパナ掛け
Motor 0.4kW 4P 200V 4基(inverter control)
Angle display ハンドル部ポジションインジケーターによる角度換算
Swing Shaft Swing width ±30mm
(Touch Panel Value Control
No. of swing max30/min(往復)(Touch Panel Value Control)
揺動始点位置決め範囲 作業者側に70mm 奥に30mm
Motor AC servomotor 1/5
Kanzashi pressurization method Cylinder pressurization(三段加圧/主軸回転連動)
Process time setting Touch panel value input(1 sec~99 hours 59 min.)
Coolant supply control Dedicated solenoid valve control for each shaft
Dimensions Approx. W2,180×H1,650×D1,100(not including protruding object/supply device)
Max. dimensions Approx. W2,500×H1,960×D1,200(not including protruding object/supply device)
Weight Approx. 1,700kg


Power source 3 phase 200V 30A
Clean air min 0.49MPa amount consumed 230L/min.

Automatic Supply Device

Tray(No. of packs) 1 tray Made by OHARA Corporation Standard lens pack can be used
pack pattern 5 patterns can be registered(納入事前登録)
driving force Belt conveyor type
Supply Method continuous processing(endless)※4 pieces at start are manually installed
Transfer time transport machine 108 sec./4 shafts
machine stop time 31.2 sec./4 shaft

Supply (processing) pattern

Shaft №1 Shaft №2 反転 Shaft №3 Shaft №4
工程2段 A side metal A side resin 反転 B side metal B side resin
工程1段 A side metal→№3 A side resin→№4 反転 B side metal B side resin

※Patterns other than the above will require separate software modification (separate charge).

Automatic supply device

Coolant pump NQJ-60E 60W 2 phase
Coolant tank SUS 25L(29L)
Round shape φ480×H160mm
キャスター付き台車 2 each

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