CG Machine

NCCG Machine NPG-80NC-2


Three processing axes and one chuck enable processing of three processes.

While general-purpose machines require skill in setup, the NC-controlled automatic compensation function makes spherical surface processing easy.

Equipped with three spindles: two spherical machining axes and one chamfering axis. Rough machining→R finishing process→Chamfering processing in 1 chuck.
Equipped with an outside diameter cutting function, the machine is capable of outside diameter cutting using a grinding wheel for R-machining.
NC control allows automatic setting of machining conditions by inputting information on the target workpiece and grinding wheel. In addition, automatic compensation functions (convexity correction and Δh correction) allow processing conditions to be corrected simply by inputting the measured values of test-cut workpieces.

Lens to be processed Lens diameter φ3~80mm
Lens curvature ±R1.5mm~∞
Grindstone shaft Diameter of Grinding stone maxφ70mm
Horizontal movment amount Centered on workpiece shaft ±120mm inpu value
Movement from the worker to the back direction
Vertical movement amount θ Chuck side from swivel center
+20~=10mm input value
Movement in lens direction
Grinding stone shaft moving mechanism Linear guide + ball screw + servo motor
Angle operator-side 0~ inner size 55°
Swivel movement unit roller drive+Angle indexing by servomotor
No. of rotaion 1,500~12,000rpm(3-step variable setting possible)
Motor SP motor 0.4kW 2 units
No. of spindle 2
Shaft end shape Depends on customer specifications
Work shaft Chuck shape Diaphragm chuck
Workpiece clamping method resin+金属ヤトイに連続をセットしクランプ
No. of rotation 10~400rpm(3-step variable setting possible)
Motor SP motor 120W 1 unit
切り込み速度 0.001~10mm/min input value(3-step variable setting possible)
Spark out 0~999 sec. input value
Workpiece forward/backward movement 0~-250mm from swivel center input value
Work shaft moving mechanism Linear guide + ball screw + servo motor
chamfering shaft No. of rotation 1,500~12,000rpm input value
Motor SP motor 120W 1 unit
Shaft end shape Depends on customer specifications
Correction function convexity correction and Δh correction Enter correction values on the correction screen
Manually measure the workpiece and input the error
Grinding liquid Supply position 1 on workpiece side, 3 on grinding wheel side(supplied by one pump(0.2kW))
Tank SUS square tank Equipped with centrifugal separator
safety device front door Closed by button to start processing and opened after processing is completed
Locking by air cylinder
emergency stop 1 piece on the upper front
Control panel Touch panel 12 inch.
Screen Auto-mode, Manual mode,  Set-up mode, etc
position fine-tuning Manual pulse generator adjustment(3-step speed switching)
Data management Number of registered sequencer: 100
Power Power source AC200V 30A
Air pressure source Clean dry air 0.5MPa
Dimension Approx. W1,500×H1,845×D1,120mm
Main Body Weight Approx. 1,600kg

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