CG Machine

Large-size NCCG Machine NPG-400NC-2


Capable of spherical surface machining of large diameter lenses up to φ400 with high accuracy

While general-purpose machines require skill in setup, the NC-controlled automatic compensation function makes spherical surface processing easy.

NC control allows automatic setting of machining conditions by inputting information on the target workpiece and grinding wheel.

In addition, automatic compensation functions (convexity correction and Δh correction) allow processing conditions to be corrected simply by inputting the measured values of test-cut workpieces.
To accurately hold a wide range of workpiece sizes from Φ100 to Φ400, the chuck has a three-stage parent jaw attached, which enables grasping of three different resin jaw diameters.

Lens to be processed Lens diameter φ100~400mm(樹脂ヤトイを含めφ450)
Lens curvature ±50~∞
Grindstone shaft Diameter of Grinding stone φ60~300mm
Grindstone length Standard length 125mm(Min. 105~Max. 135mm)
Tilted angle -2°~+50°
No. of rotation 1,000~8,000rpm(3-stage switching setting of processing speed)
Horizontal movment amount -200~+200mm(傾斜軸旋回中心を0とする)
Vertical movement amount -20~+30mm(砥石125mmの先端が旋回中心と合致位置を0とする)
Shaft end shape φ31.267mm MT#4テーパー(先端M28×1.5ネジ付き)
傾斜軸固定 servo-brake, Cylinder clamp
左右、上下軸固定 servo-brake
Work shaft 切込速度 0.05~10mm/min (3-stage switching setting of processing speed)
No. of rotation 2~11rpm (3-stage switching setting of processing speed)
Spark out 0~999 sec.
Vertical movement amount Max. 225mm
Shaft end shape φ200mm flat type(ダイヤフラムチャック8吋 取付用)
Chuck shape Diaphragm chuck(ダイナミックツール製)8吋
Clamp method 樹脂製割ヤトイにレンズをセットしクランプ
クランプ用チャック爪はφ120・180・250mm (Clamp Diameter)
Grinding liquid Supply position 砥石軸中心および外周、洗浄用ホースの3ヶ所
Tank Installed on the left side of the device(装置左側に給・排水口を設置)
Centrifuge TOUTO SEPARATOR:TSK-81+架台 (Separate power supply from main unit)
Control panel Touch Pannel 10.4 inch. Auto-mode, Manual mode,  Set-up mode, etc
Fine  adjustment Manual pulse generator adjustment
Data management Selection conditions can be input/output via USB(CSV format、Editable on PC)
ランニング機能 全軸の全ストローク動作機能
Lighting LED light Installed with waterproofing measures
Power Power Source AC200V 75A 1回路 (Main device)・AC200V 20A 1回路 (Centrifuge)
Air pressure source 0.5MPa φ10 One-touch coupling
Dimentions Approx.W1,340×H2,190×D1,530mm(not including protruding object/separator/tank)
Weight Approx. 3,500㎏