Polishing Machine

Center Swing Oscar Polishing Machine NMO-6P-Ⅲ


Center-swinging Oscar structure for stable polishing

The electrical system’s individual axis display and individual axis control make it easy to use.

This 6-axis polishing machine uses a lower spindle unit with a BOX-type structure, which allows easy maintenance such as belt and bearing replacement.
The design is rigid and efficiently suppresses vibration due to the effect of the swing axis vibration of the central swing system.

No. of shaft 6
Driving method 1 shaft  1 drive
Shaft intervals 500mm(Both ends 250mm)
Max. tool medium φ400mm
Lower shaft No. of rotations 60~400rpm(Inverter control)
Motor 0.4kW 4P AC200V
Belt tension is controlled by hinges and screws
stop method A stick insertion
Swing shaft width 0~250mm(Eccentric plate is marked with the scale)
No. of rotations 20~180rpm(Inverter control)
Swing drive Motor 0.2kW 4P AC200V
Belt tension is controlled by hinges and screws
Kanzashi pressurization method Cylinder pressure(φ40)Effective pressure 20kgf Solenoid 200V
Dimension Approx. W3,000×H1,300×D995mm
Height from the floor to the operation area Approx. 786mm


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