Polishing Machine

Medium-sized Variable Tilt-axis 4-shaft Smoothing Machine NM-4S


Workability of mass-produced lenses is improved by a processing tank that can be tilted in 2-axis units.

This is a 4-shaft polishing machine designed for high-speed polishing of single lens for medium-sized lenses.

A unique mechanism allows for fine adjustment of the kanzashi position for better reproducibility.
A mechanism that allows the angle of the plate axis to be varied by 0 to 30° in 2-axis units minimizes changes in NR.

No. of shaft 4(2 shaft 1 drive)
Rotation belt replacement
No. of rotation(plate shaft) 60Hz 1速1,550rpm 2速2,000rpm
50Hz 1速1,280rpm 2速1,680rpm
No. of rotation(swing shaft) 60Hz 1速25rpm 2速50rpm 3速75rpm
50Hz 1速22rpm 2速42rpm 3速65rpm
Trajectory 遊星運動(楕円運動)Planetary motion (elliptical motion)
Size of kanzashi φ13×160mm(carbide chip)
Pressure air cylinder(φ32×50mm stroke)
input pressure 0~5kgf/㎠
cylinder pressure 0~3kgf/㎠
Power source AC200V±10% 50/60Hz
Dimension Approx. W1,200×H1,350×D765mm
Weight Approx. 500kg
Tools(plates) attachment screw ネジ部 M27 P=3
インロー部 φ30 H7 depth 6mm
Electrical capacity 2.1kVA 9.5A
Main shaft motor SF-JR 0.2kw 4P B付 4 units
Swing shaft motor GMH 0.2kW 4P 1/30 4 units
Coolant pump NQJ-100E 100W 2P
Surrounding Temperature 0~50℃

型可変斜軸単玉用ペレット機 NM-4S型

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