Polishing Machine

Medium-sized Variable Tilt-axis 4-shaft Smoothing Machine NM-4S-Ⅱ


Individual settings for each axis enable processing of a wide variety of workpieces.

Smoothing machine developed for high-speed smoothing of single lens for medium-sized lenses.

A unique mechanism allows fine adjustment of the kanzashi for improved reproducibility.
The angle adjustment of the plate axis can be set individually for each axis, which NR adjustment for each axis has been made easier. In addition, multiple shapes of workpieces can be processed simultaneously.

No. of Shaft 4(各槽独立)
Rotation inverter control
No. of rotation Plate shaft 400~1,800rpm
Swing shaft 25~75rpm
Kanzashi trajectory 前後直進(往復)
Size φ13×160mm(先端φ3超硬製)
Pressure Air cylinder(φ32×50mm stroke)
Input pressure 0~0.5MPa
Cylinder pressure 0~0.3MPa
Power source AC200V±10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions Approx. W1,535×H1,550×D895mm
Weight Approx. 500kg
皿取付ネジ ネジ部 W1’1/8″ 10山
インロー部 φ30 H7 depth 5mm
Electrical capacity 2.1kVA 9.5A
Main shaft motor SF-JR 0.2kw 4P 4 units
Swing shaft motor GMH 0.2kW 4P 1/30 4 units
Coolant pump NQJ-100E 100W 2P
Surrounding temperature 0~50℃

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