Lathe NLD-1


Large lathe for large plates

Lathe with high-precision spindles are ideal for high-precision plate correction.

A large tub of 700 mm dia. can be used for plates up to about 500 mm dia.
The high-precision spindle used for the lower spindle and the effect of the high-rigidity frame suppresses runout of the lower spindle surface, making this model ideal for high-precision plate correction.
The startup is a combined footswitch and pushbutton switch for improved operability.

No. of shaft 1
Max. work tool size φ500mm
Tub dimensions φ700mm Depth 200mm
Lower shaft No. of rotation 600~1,200rpm(inverter control)
Motor 0.75kW 6P 1 unit V belt transmission
Stop method Stick insertion method
Dimensions Approx. W900×H800×D760mm
Weight Approx. 200kg
Power source 3 phase 200V 20A

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