Lathe ND-1A


Easy-to-use, medium-sized lathe

Additional features such as Teflon coating and tool storage shelves improve setup and work efficiency.

A tub of 500 mm dia. can be used for plates up to about 300 mm dia.
Specialized in the preparation of lens polishing work such as plate matching and lens chamfering by hand.
Belt replacement + inverter control enables work with a wide range of spindle speeds.
The tub is Teflon coated for easy removal of polishing materials and other contaminants.

No. of shaft 1
Max. work tool size φ300mm
Tub dimensions φ500mm Depth 200mm
Lower Shaft No. of rotation 300~1,000rpm(inverter control+belt replacement)
Motor 0.2kW 4P 1/10 1 unit V belt transmission
stop method Stick insertion method
Dimensions Approx. W700×H1,590×D700mm
Weight Approx. 200kg
Power source 3 phase 200V 20A


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