Polishing Machine

Medium-sized 4-shaft Cylindrical Polishing Machine NCY-4P-100


Polishing process for cylindrical side shape

Polishing conditions can be set as desired, from pressurized polishing with an air cylinder to low-pressure polishing with counterbalance.

Equipped with a digital counter on the eccentric board of the lower shaft swing (right and left linear swing) and the swing axis (front and rear straight swing), this polishing machine enables numerical control.
The swing shaft arm is equipped with counter balance (back pressure by weight), which is ideal for small pressure processing.

No. od shaft 4
Driving method 1 shaft  1 drive
Shaft intervals 420mm
Max. tool medium L100mm
Lower shaft Swing width 0~60mm(equal distribution)
Swing speed 0~30rpm(inverter control)
Swing motor 0.2kW 1/50 AC200V
Swing shaft Swing width 0~50mm(equal distribution)
Swing speed 0~30rpm(inverter control)
Swing spped 0.2kW 1/50 AC200V
Kanzashi pressurization method Cylinder pressure (φ32mm) Effective pressure 16kg solenoid 200V
Dimention Approx. W1,880×H1,670×D800mm
Operation height Approx. 863.5mm(from floor to operation area)
Weight Approx. 900kg
Power source 3 phase 200V 20A

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