Cutting Fluid


Nagata Co., Ltd.

Cutting fluid suited for processing optical parts

Best seller cutting fluid for more than 10 years for optical lens processing.

Besides optical lenses, this product can also be used for grinding ceramics, quartz, stones, and other materials.

Water-soluble cutting fluid used for CG and pellet processing

(1) Excellent grindability
Good surface finish extends the life of pellets and grinding wheels.

(2) Adequate cleanability
Less stickiness of the machine and less clogging of pellets and grinding wheels

(3) Improved working environment
Less odor and foaming makes the working environment more comfortable.

(4) Excellent rust-preventing and foam-eliminating properties
Prevents problems caused by rust and foaming, and maintains stable processing.


Type P-6 GN
Main ingredients Ethylene glycol
Characteristics Suitable for processing pellets

Excellent surface finish

Used in the CG process

high cleaning performance,

does not cause hand irritation


Package 18L/CAN・200L/Drum

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