Centering Machine

HC-500 Series

Haruchika CO., LTD.

The latest centering machine for high-precision machining with an automatic transfer device

・It is equipped with an automatic measuring device and corrects the lens center with a stopped grinding stone.
・With comparative measurement with an electric micrometer, it can measure even with opaque lenses and before polishing.
・A roller guide is used for the clamp axis, resulting in high rigidity and precision.
・A servo motor is used for the clamping axis to shorten the clamping and releasing time.

・Before clamping lenses, the center is measured, and is corrected (by a device uniquely designed). After the measurement values fall within the standard values, lenses are clamped and processed.

・The measurement is performed with an electric micrometer, and even opaque and dirty materials can be measured. Nylon-based measuring terminals can measure ultra-soft glass materials without damaging them.

・High-speed centering, clamp only, and three types of centering for measurement or combination are also possible.

・A lens with a small Z coefficient can be centered<br>・Holder correction is performed on the machine.

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