UVC Sterilization Box


NTT-AT Creative

High-speed sterilization in only 90 seconds with the industry's highest level of light output.

Masks, glasses, cutlery, stationery, smartphones, etc. are sterilized by 99.9% with deep ultraviolet light.

・Sanitizing masks, glasses, cutlery, stationery, and other items unsuitable for alcohol sanitization
・Fast sterilization, 99.9% sterilization of harmful bacteria and viruses
・LED luminescence + mirror processing for total sterilization of object surfaces
・Uses deep ultraviolet LEDs with high sterilization ability (light output of 105 mW, UVC wavelength of less than 260-280 nm)
・No odor transfer compared to ozone sterilization due to UV sterilization by LED
・Long-term reliability (10,000h operation guaranteed)
・Safety feature that automatically turns off the light even if the lid is opened during sterilization
・Refresh function for sterilization in the box (10 seconds)