Disinfectant & Odor Elimination Spray

Silver Shield

Destroy viruses and bacteria! Silver Ion Power for Your Protection

No chlorine, alcohol, preservatives, or surfactants.
Silver ion sterilizer with excellent sterilizing effect and safety.


Destroy viruses and bacteria

・The main ingredient of silver shields is silver ions. Silver ions kill norovirus, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, O-157, and other bacteria.

Long-lasting high bactericidal effect
・Unlike alcohol-based disinfectant water, it is non-volatile, so it can maintain its disinfecting and deodorizing power for a long period of time. The antibacterial lasting effect is about 6 months. *Varies depending on the maintenance environment.

Extremely high safety
・It does not have any odor like chlorine-based sanitizing water and has no adverse effects on the skin or respiratory tract, making it friendly to people and the environment.

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