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Electroplated wheel


Highly efficient, high-speed grinding is possible.
Since the abrasive grains are fixed in line with the metal core, it is possible to manufacture wheels with a complex profile.
Compared to other bonds, it has excellent sharpness and can process difficult-to-grind materials.

Abrasive grains are fixed to the base metal by electroplating method and can be applied to wheels with complex shapes.

Excellent sharpness
Compared to resin bond and metal bond, the amount of abrasive grain protrusion can be increased, resulting in high processing efficiency and excellent sharpness.
Speedy supply of low cost products
We supply products quickly and inexpensively through our precise order production management system and creative and highly efficient plating system.
High dimensional accuracy, complex shapes possible
We provide high-precision electroplated wheels with complex shapes by combining high-precision metal plate processing technology, outstanding abrasive grain classification technology, and precision plating technology.
Excellent dimensional shape preservation
Precisely classified and durable abrasive grains are uniformly electrodeposited in a single layer on the surface of the base metal, providing high dimensional stability in the grinding process.

We can also offer the most suitable proposal such as Nagata wheels according to the conditions.

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